The Pageant – an eco-justice comedy has a screening

The global arts event, Climate Change Theatre Action, happens every two years to coincide with the UN climate change conference, and so the 2021 CCTA is underway. I’m delighted that my short comedy, The Pageant, is part of it. This year’s theme is A Green New Deal–so I couldn’t help but imagine what it might be like if we actually did solve the climate crisis and if there really was such a thing as environmental justice. Fortunately, my friend and colleague Diana Wyenn liked the pursuit of that question. She and 3Gems Productions decided to film the play with an amazing cast: Sandy Bainum, Jodi Dennithorne, Natasha Ofili, and Sharon Omi. And now it’s available to be seen. Directed by Diana Wyenn. Produced by Christopher Sepulveda and Sandy Bainum. Limited screenings December 16, 17, 18, with upcoming screenings to follow.

Writer: Paula Cizmar

Director: Diana Wyenn

Producers: Christopher Sepulveda, Sandy Bainum

Cast: Sandy Barnum, Jodi Dennithorne, Natasha Ofili, Sharon Omi

Cinematographer: Tanisha Morena

Sharon Omi, Sandy Barnum, Natasha Ofili, and Jodi Dennithorne in The Pageant.

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