Antigone X

Directed by Anita Dashiell-Sparks. Mehrnaz Mohammadi as Antigone. Ryan Alexander Holmes as Zeno.

The Night Flight of Minerva's Owl

Music by Guang Yang. Libretto by Paula Cizmar. Chantelle Davis as Lady Owl; Asmik Arutyunyants as Mina. Music That Matters/Fight for the Right wrkshp at Pittsburgh Festival Opera.


Seven - a documentary play written by Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere Smith, and Susan Yankowitz.

The Hotel Play - site specific

Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera; commissioned by Playwrights Arena and Center Theatre Group. Written by Paula Cizmar, Velina Hasu Houston, Jennifer Maisel, Nahal Navidar, julie taiwo oni, Janine Salinas, and Laurie Woolery.

THE VIG. By Paula Cizmar. Directed by Bernadette Speakes. Antaeus Theatre. Zip Code Plays Season 2.

welcome... the website of Paula Cizmar, an award-winning playwright whose work often combines poetry and politics to get at the heart of a matter. Her plays have been produced all over the world. Here you'll find information about upcoming performances, past productions, and new plays, plus news and reviews, photos, and thoughts, always changing, always growing.
Out of Isolation, Into Community

Out of Isolation, Into Community

Writers are alone with the blank page when they create. As a natural introvert, this is something I look forward to much of the time. But then there is a gnawing sensation that won’t go away: What is going on outside? What am I missing? How can I be a...
Antaeus’ Zip Code Plays nominated for an Ambie Award for Best Fiction Podcast

Antaeus’ Zip Code Plays nominated for an Ambie Award for Best Fiction Podcast

There are some projects that are fun and satisfying from the very beginning, and getting selected to write THE VIG for season two of Antaeus’ series The Zip Code Plays – Los Angeles definitely fits that description. Now, as icing on the cake, we have been nominated for an Ambie...
The Chisera at Palm Beach Dramaworks

The Chisera at Palm Beach Dramaworks

Selected for the Palm Beach Dramaworks New Year/New Play Festival, The Chisera was performed Saturday, February 5, 2022 at 7:30 pm Eastern (4:30 pm Pacific), directed by Emilie Pascale Beck. The cast: Liza Fernandez, Erin Ruth Walker, Jason Grasl, Romi Dias, Dinah Lenney, Steven Sean Garland, and Leianna Weaver. For...

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