Invisible – A Bolt of Dramatic Lightning

Our short opera INVISIBLE was part of Snapshot this summer–and the San Francisco Chronicle doled out some much-appreciated compliments, calling it a “compressed explosive bundle, just primed to erupt.” Produced by West Edge Opera at the outdoor Bruns Amphitheatre in the Bay Area, the live performance was a welcome change from so much Zoom theatre.

The Chronicle reviewer Joshua Kosman definitely agreed:

“For completeness, one had to turn to ‘Invisible,’ a taut and remarkably effective bolt of dramatic lightning by composer Guang Yang and librettist Paula Cizmar. It’s about a museum curator (Erin Neff) organizing an exhibition themed to mythological rape victims — particularly Medusa, the fearsome Gorgon — and her assistant (Julia Hathaway) who has suffered a perfectly real, non-mythic sexual assault.

As if that dramatic palette weren’t spare enough, the singers are accompanied by nothing more than a single violin (Terrie Baune, in a fiercely fine performance). The result feels like a compressed explosive bundle, just primed to erupt.”

“Dramatic lightning” and “explosive bundle”–we’ll take it! Thanks to everyone involved.

Bruns Amphitheatre

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