Out of Isolation, Into Community

Writers are alone with the blank page when they create. As a natural introvert, this is something I look forward to much of the time. But then there is a gnawing sensation that won’t go away: What is going on outside? What am I missing? How can I be a part of the most human and most ancient of art forms if I don’t touch base with other people (besides my husband), if I am not in community with other theatre makers, with other citizens of the world? How can I continue to function with the love and empathy needed to create characters if I am not attuned to all that is around me? Therefore it’s wonderful to be invited into a working group–especially this writers community that has a mindfulness and social outreach dimension. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Writers Odyssey, communing with a beautiful, diverse group of writers. Can’t wait to see what we make, alone and together.

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