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JANUARY and THE CHISERA nominated for the Kilroy List

Awarded a TCG/Mellon Foundation On the Road grant

¡GOAT SPRINGS ETERNAL! at Golden Tongues 2,  September 6, 2014

Three plays published in Summer 2014 by Indie Theatre Now

[Frida and Trotsky retreat to the veranda of the Blue Moon.  Frida turns off her iPod.]

FRIDA:  Good god, the world has become bizarre.  Leon.  Good works, tumbling down as if toppled by wrecking balls.  Evil steamrolled till no one can even recognize it anymore.  What is what? 

TROTSKY:  At least my country remains a beacon in a sea of—

FRIDA:  Oh darling, you really must pick up a newspaper now and again.  Have you any idea at all, my Leon my love, how much everyone suffers and for what?  So much is so absurd.  And even in your country, my darling, there is no ideal, no love, no mourning of fallen angels.  In your country, in your beacon, for heaven’s sake, the racketeers are racketing.  The old apparatchiks are setting up little market stalls, peddling busts of Lenin in front of the Kremlin.  Americans looking for KFC buy them as tchotchkes for a joke.

[Trotsky’s face is blank.]

Oh you don’t care.  I shouldn’t even read the news.  What good is it?  I just want to smile with my friends.  I wanted to eat cakey things with chiles and sweet cream today.  I can’t imagine why.  It’s so unlike me.  And milk.  I want to drink milk and have a beer.  And you know, I have to be very very careful.

From STILL LIFE WITH PARROT & MONKEY by Paula Cizmar. © 2010.  Available online at INDIE THEATER NOW.  Published in LIVING AND WRITING ON AMERICA'S LEFT COAST:  CONTEMPORARY WOMEN'S PLAYS.  Murasaki Books, an imprint of LRS.  2010.


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Clockwise from top: Leah Curney (Gem) and Brandon Jones (Mik) in river: post-futurist (photo by Gerry Goodstein); Meryl Streep (center) and Archie Panjabi (far right) with activists Hafsat Abiola (left) and Inez McCormack (right) after a reading of Seven at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway, New York City; poster for Visionary Women.