Meet the playwrights of the Climate Change Theatre Action “LA – At the Intersection,” which will be performed Saturday November 9 at 2 pm at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in partnership with Visions and Voices. The consequences of climate change in Los Angeles (and most urban areas) are a bit different from the environmental problems facing wilderness and rural areas. These playwrights have taken on the challenge of how to use theatre to show that climate change isn’t just a distant event, or an event that affects only the middle class or only animals in far-off places. Climate change is happening right now, and people living in low-income neighborhoods and especially people of color bear a larger part of the consequences. Come see short plays, spoken word pieces, and a micro-opera (with music by Guang Yang) performed in the Hall of Mammals at the Museum. Directed by Giovanni Ortega. Production and stage management by Simon Chau and Alex Rehberger. Sound design by Howard Ho. Bring the kids–because the future is theirs. They will be entertained and informed and, we hope, inspired to take action to help save the planet.

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