SEVEN goes on the road again…this time in the USA!

When Carol Mack called me and asked me if I wanted to join her and be a part of a documentary play project about women human rights workers who risked their lives to make better conditions for other women, I jumped at the chance. So did Ruth Margraff, Susan Yankowitz, Anna Deavere Smith, Gail Kriegel, and Catherine Filloux. And that’s what we did–we created a documentary theatre piece that has been all around the world, seen in 30+ countries in fact (including Japan, Turkey, India, Croatia, Belgium, Afghanistan, and France) and translated into 20+ languages. And now it’s going on tour in the United States. From October 2019 to April 2020, SEVEN goes on the road. Brand new audiences whom, we hope, will be inspired to take on human rights as their cause, too.

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