Now in Print: ANTIGONE X

“The once-magnificent world is in a state of rage.  War.  Police violence.  Terrorist threats.  Demagogues.  Thebes is now a ruin surrounded by refugee camps. And Antigone X could be any of us who dares to stand up to unjust laws and demand, instead, the higher power of tolerance and decency.  A contemporary meditation on love, power, and war–based on the classic by Sophocles–by Los Angeles-based writer Paula Cizmar.”

Antigone X: multimedia variations on a 21st-century view of the classical play is now published, with a wonderful introduction by director Jeff Janisheski and a stunning cover design by Jonathan Torres.  NoPassport Press did a beautiful job on this book, and it’s a thrill to see the original cast members’ names in print.   Available on Amazon.

“All gone?  No one left?  Did you forget about me?  Too bad.  I’m still here.  And this–And this–And this isn’t over.”





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