Greetings from Venus

Calling all lovers of theatre, ancient rites, modern rituals, spectacle, movement, music, fun!  venus in orange has a brand new website–with excerpts from the script available for reading.

venus in orange is a performance piece with movement and music, written by Paula Cizmar (that’s me)  and Laura Shamas.

Our unconventional play explores the lives and loves of women in the 21st century–and whether or not our lives are getting better.  Or maybe we’re losing it!?  venus combines documentary elements with myth, magic, and dreams in a collage of scenes, monologues, movement, and spoken word.  Some of it is funny, and some of it cuts close to the bone.

Flexible casting can range from as few as 6 performers to 8 – 10 or more.

Check out the new site for venus in orange.


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